Data Conversion & Formatting for Translation Firms

SunTecData supports translation firms with efficient digital distribution, normalization and internationalization of their content and information by making the structure of their data more reliable and consistent.

The project managers and data management professionals at SunTecData actively work with our clients to help them transform and reuse their content, further consolidating the value of their information.

High Accuracy Data Conversion from SunTecData

To meet your personalized project requirements, we can easily customize the workflows of our data conversion processes. We have proven expertise and capability in high-volume conversion of data / back files. ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management, we ensure 99% and higher accuracies.

Content Conversion across Media and Coding Formats

SunTecData supports your data conversion initiatives across a wide variety of media and coding/format including transforming data from hard copy/ image files/ digital files to HTML, HTML5, XML, or any file type of your choice; tagging and coding as per the client’s schema including HTML, XML, SGML, etc.; converting eBooks to Kindle, ePub, HTML5 and interactive formats, composite PDF from WORD/PDF/XML/ print version, etc.

Multi-language Content Conversion To Support Internationalization
  • For confidently and efficiently marketing your products and services in foreign parts, we offer precise data capture and conversion of content from its native language to multi-language.
  • We have an expert team of translators, proven processes and efficient tools and technology to support foreign language data conversion from diverse source media, for instance print files, PDF, WORD, DTP documents, scanned images, or microfilm and microfiche.
  • To support the translation of your foreign language content, we are equipped with powerful OCR technology together with human talent and machine aided translation.
  • With our affordable, data conversion and formatting services for translation firms, we support you in discovering ways to migrate your "localized" content to more diversified "globalized" multi language digital solutions.
  • We have tested and processed international language source content supporting eBooks, user manuals and various other deliverables.

SunTecData can help you improve the effectiveness of your content by ensuring the structure, quality and integrity of your data. For more information about our content or data conversion and formatting coupled with translation or internationalization services, please touch base with us.