Telephonic Interviews/ Telephone Surveys

Businesses these days prefer telephone surveys that enable them to collate valuable data directly from the horse’s mouth. Let SunTec help you in conducting telephonic interviews and gathering critical information so as to help you with your business challenge.

We are equipped with a wealth of experience in interviewing targeting market for B2B as well as B2C-based companies across the globe. We have a dedicated team of telephone interviewers that supports small and large organizations in collating information.

Telephonic Interviews/ Telephone Survey Market Research Services at SunTecData: A Glimpse

We help you right from drafting a set of effective telephone survey questions to creating reports that can be used to keep track of the progress as well as make strategic business decisions. Our experts draft appropriate questions while keeping in mind your research objective and the target audience. We can conduct the following types of telephone surveys to help you gather pertinent information from the target market:

Customer Satisfaction Survey: Our telephone interviewers can help you gather the feedback of your customers regarding your brand, products and services. We can also carry out telephonic interviews to find out their customer service experience.

Website/ Mobile App Feedback: We carry out telephone surveys to help you gauge the effectiveness of your website/ eCommerce store and mobile application. Our experts create relevant and to-the-point questions to find out what your visitors are looking for, and how you can improve further.

Political Research: Our experts conduct phone surveys to run quick polls, horse race polls or tracking polls for political campaigns and research.

Education Feedback: We support educational institutions in gathering feedback from students and parents on teacher performance.

Employee Engagement: Our team of telephone interviewers can run phone surveys to find out employees’ take on improving services, boosting engagement, and increasing employees’ retention rates.

Event Feedback: If your company organized an event/ seminar, we can help you find out what the attendees are saying about it and how successful it was.

And many others like sales forecasting and market tracking surveys, customer services representative surveys, sales lead generation surveys, brand equity surveys, etc. We can conduct B2C as well as B2B telephone survey market research for global clientele, while keeping in mind varying time-zones of countries to ensure higher response rates.

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