WinTotal Data Entry Services/ WinTotal Property Listing Management

For appraisal reports to be credible and accurate, real estate appraisers are required to have easy access to error-free, high-quality appraisal data. Proficient at working with WinTotal software, SunTecData helps you key-in pertinent details in this fast, robust and intuitive form-filling and management tool, while ensuring 99.95% accuracy.

We provide a wide range of WinTotal data entry services, aimed at helping appraisal firms, real estate developers and agents, management companies, and lenders in saving their time and efforts, boosting productivity and consequently, increasing income. Our data entry specialists hold a wealth of experience in manually entering the data for appraisal reports in the software. Right from transitioning from your old appraisal data entry software, entering appraisal details in WinTotal to updating the data at regular basis – we have the solutions for you.

We are completely familiar with the back-end of TOTAL and WinTOTAL Aurora to manage appraisal reports accurately and precisely, viz.:
  • MLS - Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data and comparables
  • Public/Tax Record - Public record data including property details, transaction history, etc., from NDC, RealQuest or County Assessor's website
  • Sketch - For cross-referencing of property floorplan, living area, lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Form 1004MC - Market conditions addendum to the appraisal report
Partner with SunTecData for a Rich Array of WinTotal Data Entry Services

Using WinTotal, our appraisal data entry specialists put together the pre-inspection and research notes, MLS data, assignment data, comp searches, comp adjustment criteria, onsite inspection data, and a lot more in the digital file that contains the final appraisal.

Well-versed with WinTotal software, our appraisal data entry specialists efficiently utilize all its features including side-by-side comps, non-numeric adjustments and much more. Our experts also have a thorough understanding of the software’s smart shortcuts that save time and ensure that the project is delivered well before the deadline. As we fill-in your appraisal forms such as URAR 1004, 2055, 1025, 1073 or 2090, we make sure that the report copies are saved at various stages of WinTotal appraisal data entry and forms creation.

You provide us appraisal data and we enter it in WinTotal software with utmost accuracy, delivering you error-free appraisal forms that are up-to-date. When you outsource appraisal data entry services, our experts:

  • Collate information including area details, property tax record, MLS reports, etc.
  • Add Google Map link for properties
  • Key-in information from Order Forms and Comps Grid
  • Upload assets position maps

Our WinTotal appraisal data entry services professionals make sure that the final deliverable in every project including order forms data entry, MLS reports creation, comps grid processing, public/ tax records creation, Google map link of property addition, location maps upload, etc. is of high-quality to enable you to provide credible property value and appraisal report.

Further, we ensure that the appraisal data is well-integrated in the software and easily accessible to you. We can also organize a set of reports efficiently, providing you a clean picture of your company’s current assets assignments.

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