Personalized Email Campaigns

Batch and blast are long gone, because no one likes spam. With email in-boxes of customers' already overflowing, it is incredibly difficult to grab their attention.

The more targeted and personalized your emails are, the better chances you have of succeeding with your email marketing efforts. SunTecData helps you develop and manage personalized email marketing campaigns involving a number of aspects like up-to-date and relevant subscriber list, targeted messaging, engagement tactics, deliverability of the message, testing and measurement, and overall campaign management.

To ensure that your email marketing is effective, and inspires action from your customers, we develop engaging email campaigns, keeping our finger on the pulse of customer activity. We are equipped with a professional team of email experts who can design campaigns that provide suitable and personalized messages to engage customers.

Elements of our Personalized Email Campaign Management

  • We help you manage the content delivered to your customers, based on their profile and behavioral data. We incorporate customized and personal subject lines, greetings and messages for each recipient.
  • We employ best email practices to ensure maximum deliverability along with minimal spamming.
  • We support you in creating and uploading custom HTML email design. We can also build a template in sync with your website design.
  • We use custom images to improve the relevance and target value of your emails to your readers.
  • To make your subscribers feel special about their discount offers, we can help you send unique coupon codes, which would also allow you to know exactly who all responded.
  • We maintain high data integrity, including verifying mailing addresses, etc.
  • We offer post-campaign analysis for evaluating performance.
  • We assign an experienced, dedicated account manager for creative planning, scheduling, and successful implementation of your email campaign.

We are proficient at creating well-designed emails with dynamic and personalized content in harmony with your organization's brand identity. We also offer bespoke list building and address management services. To learn more about our services, please get in touch with us.