OCR Conversion Services

Data in scanned files is of no use unless it is easy to retrieve just in time. With OCR conversion services, SunTecData can help you convert scanned, image-based documents into editable text while retaining the format and layout of the original file. Our experts utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique to capture text and characters from scanned files and images with 99.95% accuracy.

Even the best OCR conversions are less than perfect, particularly when you are working from very old, fragile documents, or source scans are hardly legible, or the printed texts are of low quality. That's why as opposed to other OCR service providers, who deliver the output data ('dirty' or 'raw' OCR) with minimal proof reading, SunTecData provides OCR conversion as well as OCR cleanup services, combining a detailed manual component with OCR tools to deliver optimum accuracy in all our projects.

Because of the large possible combinations of document types, custom project requirements, output file formats, and so on, our OCR conversion specialists can proficiently use all the major industry standard software like Abby FineReader, Acrobat Professional, OmniPage, and ReadIRIS, etc., as it is possible that one OCR software might work better with your particular documents than another.

Depending on your requirements, our experts follow a systematic OCR process that includes proofreading on the character level, producing multiple outputs simultaneously, followed by a good, old-fashioned human proofread, especially in cases of handwritten text for maximum correctness. We also support you in determining if Optical Character Recognition is appropriate for your legacy materials project.

Backed by our experience of over a decade and a half, we capture handwritten, printed and typewritten text from scanned documents and present the data in a suitable file format including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Word, Excel, Access, PDF, etc.

OCR Conversion Services at SunTecData: Key Features

SunTecData brings together the people, skills and technology to capture pictorial as well as textual data and transform it into a fully editable document that makes it easy for you to search the text, edit, add and delete content, change text formatting, etc. Having a resource pool of professionals, we can efficiently handle projects as small as 100 pages and as large as millions of pages.

Our experience in working on OCR for 15+ years makes us proficient at utilizing the technology for scanning large documents, poor quality source materials, color pages and delivering the final output in quick turnaround time. We use a variety of OCR scanning and conversion packages, each having its own strengths for different types of documents.

SunTecData can handle OCR conversion projects of any complexity and deliver results in alignment with the accuracy rate you require.

  • Light: Providing you 95% accuracy, we capture data using OCR tools and deliver it with minor clean-up. Particularly true in cases of low-resolution images, uncommon type-faces, documents ridden with lots of suspect characters and words.
  • Medium: To deliver you the captured data with 98-99% accuracy, we perform OCR with major error cleanup.
  • Full: If you need 99.995% accuracy, our experts perform OCR with full proofreading and character level comparison, ensuring that there are no errors left.
  • Automated: To complete large volume projects with 99.995% accuracy, we provide automated OCR services wherein we use automated systems to capture data and process the files with utmost precision.
OCR Output

Our experts convert the scanned files and printed and typewritten text into readable, searchable and editable documents in a variety of formats such as Word, Excel, Text File, searchable PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, etc. We use OCR technique that is capable of differentiating between characters, page layouts, languages as well as font styles. The converted content look exactly like original – columns, bullets, tables and graphics.

We also provide OCR cleanup services, as part of which our experts check the scanned files for misread characters and rectify the errors to deliver high quality files. This is highly important while dealing with tables, technical data and footnotes.

Why Outsource OCR Conversion Services to SunTecData?

With a dedicated team of professionals, SunTecData is equipped to handle all types of OCR projects including large-scale and paper-based scanning projects that require white-glove handling. We are adept at both, destructive as well as non-destructive file scanning.

Highly skilled and experienced personnel: Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced in converting the documents and images into digital file format that can be easily accessed and retrieved.

Accurate output: With a Quality Assurance team, we capture content from documents with optimum level of accuracy.

Editable OCR: We deliver OCR documents that can be edited later, without changing the original formatting pattern.

Format preservation: We retain the layout and format of graphs, charts and equations in their original file instead of changing them to image format.

To know more about our comprehensive range of OCR services, kindly drop us a line at info@suntecdata.com.