Normalizing And De-Duplicating Data

The client:

An American manufacturer of high-end, designer sunglasses.

Client background:

The client is a relatively new entrant in the eyewear market. The client’s presence, for the time being, is restricted to the USA. However, the client’s products have been getting some rave reviews from the American consumers and are giving the more established American manufacturers of eyewear some stiff competition. The client has broken some brave new ground in design and innovation and is fast becoming a favorite of the connoisseurs of niche designer eyewear. In the coming years the client is expected to grab a good share of the American eyewear market.

Project requirement:

Normalization and de-duplication of client and customer data.

The challenges:
  • The data was in a state of great confusion. Being a young company, the client’s client and customer data was being standardized, normalized and de-duplicated for the first time.
  • There were a lot of time sensitive data which was now obsolete. Many professions and phone numbers, for example, had changed. All this obsolete data had to be identified and removed.
  • The data was of great value to client since it was to be used for marketing campaigns. All the work, thus, had to be done with a needle point precision.
  • Though it was a complex project, the client expected us to turn it around as quickly as possible.
The solution:

We scaled a team of fifty, comprising of an equal number of data normalization professionals and data de-duplication professionals, to work on the project. The data normalization professionals worked on the client’s customer data to rid it of redundancy and lend it a leaner, more manageable appearance. The data de-duplication professionals similarly set to on work on the client data. They meticulously identified all repetition in it and matched and merged all repeated data. They also performed data purging by identifying and removing the obsolete and incorrect data. The skill and experience of our professionals ensured that the project was turned around well before the deadline set by the client.

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