Mailing List Cleanup Services

The success of your email marketing campaign hugely depends on the accuracy and relevancy of your email lists. Offering a wide range of mailing list cleanup services, SunTecData can help you maintain relationships with existing customers, reach out to new prospects and boost your brand reputation. We are equipped with a dedicated team of professionals who help you cleanse and verify email lists, eliminating non-deliverable data elements like third party seeds, honeypots, secondary moles, and other ‘fake’ data aimed at getting you blacklisted.

Our list enhancement services help you focus on what’s core while our experts verify, validate and update the email addresses of your potential customers so that you can efficiently reach out to the target market and maximize campaign results.

Email Data Cleansing Services at SunTecData

With list hygiene and data append services, experts at SunTecData help in cleansing your mailing lists by removing duplicate names, mistyped or non-existent email ids and verifying authentic email addresses, thus providing you with clean, accurate and up-to-date contact information of your potential clients. As part of mailing cleansing services, we:

  • Test the email addresses for deliverability
  • Find out inactive users and remove their email addresses from the list
  • Follow merge purge process to find and remove duplicates from the files, ensuring that contact information of each prospect appears only once
  • Follow email hygiene method to flag invalid domains, typo, general syntax and other format errors
  • Review and remove bounces, unsubscribes and undeliverable email addresses
  • Add new subscribers and update the existing ones
  • Segment the mailing lists by interests, location, or purchase history
  • Regularly inspect, verify and update the lists

Our email list scrubbing services are aimed at helping you eliminate duplicates, old and undeliverable email addresses so that you can save your marketing costs, improve results and increase Return on Investment (ROI). We also follow foolproof methods and stringent security measures to ensure complete security and confidentiality of your data.

Why Outsource Mailing List Cleanup Services to SunTecData?

When you outsource email list scrubbing project to SunTecData, our experts work in close unison with you to understand your target market and ensure that your mailing lists are reliable.

With comprehensive range of mailing list clean-up services, experts at SunTecData help you in:

Reducing bounce rate

Obviously, the most important part of a marketing campaign is to ensure that the emails don't bounce back. A high bounce rate may get your company flagged in several spam blacklists. So, we ensure that your mailing list contains accurate and verified email addresses and the emails that you send are received by your target audiences.

Maintaining relationships and brand reputation

Maintaining an updated email list can help you reach out to the right audience with the right message. Our experts make sure that you communicate with the right set of customers to maintain relationship with them as well as create brand awareness for your products and services.

Boosting conversion rates

By removing invalid and inactive email addresses from your files, we help you reach out to those who matter and increase your chances of converting prospects into paying customers. With our mailing data cleansing services, we help you concentrate on just marketing your products and services to your target market.

Reducing marketing costs

Email marketing campaigns cost time and money. With a clean and verified mailing list, we help you deal with a precise email list offering a higher chance to reach the target market.

SunTecData can help you get a clean, verified and up-to-date email list. Just write-in to us at with your requirements and we will get back to you shortly!