Lead Qualification

With a clean sales funnel and qualified leads, lend your sales team with more sales-ready opportunities.

Lead qualification services at SunTecData are designed to qualify your business leads based on certain criteria like an objective or need for a particular product or service, definite time frame and allocated budget.

We understand that sales inquiries have a short lifespan, and you need to act promptly before they expire. It is owing to this that we keep our response time as quick as possible to help you derive the maximum value from your inquiries. Besides, to make the ROI of your marketing campaign easier to track, we follow-up on every lead both manually and through automated tools.

With our lead qualification services, we can help you qualify, sort, clean and append leads identified from various lead generation sources, such as:
  • Website inquiries
  • Online quotation requests and referral sources
  • Inbound calls
  • Website inquiries
  • Demo downloads
  • Events (Tradeshows, Webcasts)
  • White paper/case study downloads
  • Industry databases
  • PR sources

Based on the lead definition indicated by your business strategists, we offer you a refined list of "sales-ready" leads, qualified on all the essential criteria to ensure that it brings in significant returns when you invest your valuable selling time.

Optimize your sales process with SunTecData’s Lead Qualification Services:
  • Optimize your sales pipeline with sales ready leads and inquiries
  • Invest your precious sales time in closing, not qualifying
  • Respond quicker to promising leads with better understanding about your prospects, the key influencers and decision-makers, and their buying process
  • Precisely track the ROI of your campaign /event
  • Contain cost per opportunity and improve your marketing ROI
  • Refine your next marketing campaign, based on the results derived from ‘lead qualification’

For more information about our Lead Qualification Services, please contact us.