Email Validation Services / Email List Verification

If you’re looking to ensure your email marketing campaigns bring in the best possible ROI with the least possible costs, hassles, and risks, partner with SunTecData. We can help you improve response rates, productivity and value of your data with our email list hygiene and contact data validation services!

Bounces, complaints and spam-trap hits usually are a result of poor, out-of-date, unauthenticated mailing lists. However, overcoming email deliverability problems demand a comprehensive email data audit, correction, and validation services as against the SMTP checks or “pinging” that majority of the vendors offering contact data hygiene provide.

SunTecData understands that bounces are not the only scourge of email marketers, but the larger issues originate from problematic email addresses and hygiene errors, which eventually get you blocked and blacklisted. If your mailing list contains malicious addresses, duplicate entries or invalid accounts, SunTecData makes sure that they are removed!

To optimize the deliverability of your mailing list and ROI of your marketing campaign, we work on identifying and eliminating the problematic addresses from your database, rectify the typos and other hygiene errors, and validate the deliverability of each email id by comparing it with email-specific activity.

Having an optimum blend of resources including skilled professionals and advanced tools and technology, we provide you with verified and properly formatted email ids that really exist, ensuring that you make it to the targeted inbox, and reduce the risk of being blocked by ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

As part of email list hygiene services, our professionals cleanse your mailing list by identifying and removing invalid and undeliverable email addresses. We remove bad emails and verify them against reliable sources, thus providing you with a clean, valid and up-to-date mailing list that leads to higher opens, clicks and conversion rates.

Email List Cleaning Services at SunTecData: Our Process

To help you boost your marketing efforts and reach out to the target market with the right email address, SunTecData offers a complete range of email list hygiene services at competitive prices. We help you verify and validate email addresses so that your messages get delivered and you start converting prospects into buying customers.

Our experts ensure flawless email address validation with a robust and clearly defined process as part of email validation services:

  • Check: Our experts check each email address to find out if it is fake or real, and is accepting emails or not. As part of list cleansing services, we also remove duplicate entries and improperly formatted addresses.
  • Rectify Errors: Our professionals rectify typographical, spelling, format, syntax as well as domain-related errors to ensure that your mailing list contains correct and deliverable email addresses.
  • Verify and Validate: The mailing lists are verified and validated to improve email deliverability, drive higher response rates and ensure profitable marketing campaigns. Our experts use manual and automated methods to remove all the undeliverable emails from the list.
  • Update: Our professionals key-in the verified and validated data in your online databases like ERP, CRM applications (Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM, Saleslogix, NetSuite, Oracle CRM, vTiger CRM, InfusionSoft, LeadMaster), etc., and/or offline databases like, Excel, CSV, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc., as per your requirement, providing you with an accurate and up-to-date mailing list.
  • Protect: As part of email list cleansing services, we also protect your mailing lists from damaging email addresses including frequent spam complainers, fake addresses, honeypots, disposable domains, spam traps, etc.

With email validation services, we provide you with a verified and validated email lists that help you improve delivery rate of your email marketing campaigns.

Our email data verification services are aimed at helping you verify email addresses and remove invalid, incorrect, non-working and fraudulent contact addresses. Increase delivery rates and conversions by removing invalid email addresses from your database with mailing list hygiene and contact data verification services from SunTecData. You can write-in to us at to know more about our services.