Data Analysis Services/ Data Coding Services

SunTecData offers a complete range of data analysis and coding services to help global organizations in analyzing and coding pertinent data, providing them with valuable insights and facilitating their decision making process. We cleanse, verify and validate, summarize and present the data in a preferred file format or database that can be easily accessed by the users.

Data Analysis and Data Coding Services at SunTecData: Key Features

We specialize in delivering data coding and data analysis services to businesses across diverse domains and niches such as IT, Media, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Medical and Healthcare, Real Estate, Legal, etc. Our experts are proficient at using advanced analysis techniques such as MaxDiff, Penalty Analysis, Engagement Scores, etc., to analyze data.

Our data coding and data analysis services, include:

Data Cleansing and Data Validation: To prepare your market research data for analysis and coding, we cleanse, enrich, verify and validate it. Our experts identify and remove redundant entries, match, merge and purge data, fix data inconsistencies, and verify & validate it against reliable sources of information to ensure authenticity.

Tabbing Services: After cleansing and enriching your business-critical data, we process it and create cross-tabs. Our tabbing services include:

  • Creating banner tables in a suitable file format like MS Excel, ASCII, SPSS, or any other custom format
  • Creating multiple banners
  • Designing graphical presentation of tables
  • Creating table-form presentation of hierarchical data
  • Weighting/complex weighting

Reporting Services: Our experts can create comprehensive reports in a file format of your choice such as Excel or any database.

Data Analysis and Data Coding Services: Our Capabilities

To deliver a complete spectrum of data coding and data analysis services, our experts use cutting-edge technologies, as listed below:

  • Quantum
  • Excel
  • SPSS
  • Win Cross
  • Dimension
  • Access
  • MS-SQL
  • Quanvert

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