Case Study – Conducting Survey for a Technology Services Solutions Firm

Client is a market leader in providing a suite of technology services and solutions focused on enterprise communications. Headquartered in USA, this multinational company wanted to launch high-tech Unified Communications Infrastructure Solutions for which it was important to assess technical infrastructure of the companies they wanted to pitch their solution to. SunTecData worked in close collaboration with the client to design a questionnaire to understand the current ecosystem for integrating multi-vendor UC solutions across networks.

Business Challenge
  • The client wanted to understand the market opportunity for unified communication solutions, estimate the size of the market they could serve, identify potential difficulties, and determine their market positioning.
  • The client wanted us to take a technical deep dive to understand the server and network infrastructure; security, legality, privacy and confidentiality aspects of the prospective organization.
SunTecData's Solution
  • The team at SunTecData closely liaised with the client to understand the features and benefits of unified communications services solutions, and the sort of companies the client wanted to target.
  • Through secondary research methodology, SunTecData created a list of key technology professionals in such organizations globally, via company websites and portals, LinkedIn profiles, or third party credible sources like leading industry databases, etc., to form the panel for research.
  • The primary research experts at SunTecData designed a questionnaire, and interviewed 90 key stakeholders including CTOs, IT Directors, KOLs, BI architects and developers across enterprises to understand communication and technology ecosystem.
  • Using proprietary software, we conducted surveying and routing.
  • We conducted an in-depth analysis of the responses and provided a detailed report to the client with added insights on key challenges driving the usage and adoption of unified communication solutions.
Business Impact
  • Interviews conducted by SunTecData's research team established the fact that there was a significant unmet need for the product.
  • It helped the client create a Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) framework, which was utilized by their sales and marketing team to pitch the right set of services to their potential clients.

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