Data Scanning Of Rare, Out-Of-Print Books

The client:

An American website providing digital versions of rare, out of print books.

Client background:

Launched six years ago, the website has become quite popular with bibliophiles. It provides for download PDF, eReader and ePub versions of rare, out of print literature for a nominal price. The website has, over the years, built one of the largest online libraries and has become a valuable source of reading material for scholars, students and general readers alike. Along with literature, the website also offers for download books on history, mathematics and physical sciences. Besides its eclectic collection, a reason behind its popularity is also that it adds new titles to its collection frequently.

Project requirement:

Scanning and converting a set of books into the PDF format.

The challenges:
  • Being very old, the books to be scanned were in a very delicate state. All had yellowed pages which frequently bore stains. Many pages were dog eared too.
  • Since these were very rare books, we had to ensure that they were not further damaged during the scanning process.
  • The client was keen on uploading these books on his website at the earliest. Because of their rarity they were much sought after by the academic community. We had to, thus, turn the project around at the earliest.
  • The scanned images had to be meticulously cleansed of all stains and blemishes for improved legibility of the text.
The solution:

Our scanning services professionals took charge of the project. We scanned the books on our high resolution flatbed scanners. Before being converted into the PDF format, the scanned images were thoroughly cleaned by our image editors. We also took special care to make sure that none of the books were damaged while being scanned. We kept the size of the team rather large so that the project can be turned around quickly. A team of fifty professionals worked on the project and accomplished it completely to the satisfaction of our client.

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