Case study: Data Analysis and Reporting for A Logistics Firm

Client Profile

Our client is an Australia-based logistics firm, specializing in delivering enterprise-grade supply-chain solutions to companies that require on-demand mission critical services. To easily gain insights from their data, the client wanted us to create a user-friendly dashboard based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and business metrics to showcase sales trends and expose opportunities for growth.

  • Collate data from a myriad of data sources and provide a single reporting interface to maintain consistency and facilitate informed decision making.
  • Design a customized, intuitive dashboard with user-friendly interface that minimizes training and accelerates adoption.
SunTecData's Solution

Offering a range of data reporting and analysis services, SunTecData supported the client right from gathering data inputs from multiple sources and analyzing it to presenting it visually through charts, graphs, maps, etc. Thus, providing the client with valuable insights from business-critical data.

  • We created a compact, user-friendly and intuitive dashboard for company’s internal use as well as to track client’s spend.
  • Our experts efficiently displayed KPIs and metrics in the dashboard so that it can be used by executives and distributed among account managers for better decision making.
  • Further, we integrated the dashboard in client’s database Microsoft SQL Server

Through dashboard design services, we provided the client with a graphical representations of trends over a span of 12 months, making it easy for them to identify problems and make strategic business decisions.


We provided the client with actionable information, helping them analyze trends, improve the understanding of their clients, and seize opportunities. We ensured that the client has more control over their data as well as business.

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