Case Study: Customer Strategic Planning and Competitive Benchmarking for New Product Development

Client Profile

Our client is a German-based beauty product manufacturer, offering a comprehensive range of hair and skin care products across the country. Looking for expansion, the client decided to launch a whole new nail care range in the market. They wanted us to evaluate industry standards, assess current market players and identify target audience & their needs to bring the product to market, while refining marketing strategies.

  • Study competitors, their product range and price sensitivity across segments, while estimating the market opportunity
  • Identify the target audience and enlist their detailed characteristics, preferences and buying habits
SunTecData's Solution

SunTecData deployed a team of five research professionals to analyze client’s direct and indirect competitors, while understanding the needs and preferences of the target market.

  • Identified, profiled and compared key players, their product range, practices and performances
  • Conducted SWOT analysis to understand competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and identify opportunities open to the client and threats facing their business
  • Identified brand differentiators that set the key players apart from their competition
  • Designed a quantitative survey to understand the needs and preferences of target customer groups

We shared critical insights with the client in a detailed report, helping them understand the target market, benchmark against the competition and formulate an effective marketing strategy to bring product to market.

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