Capturing News And Articles For A UK Based Business News Website

The client:

A UK based business news website.

Client background:

The said website is a leading provider of business news in the United Kingdom. It provides news on a large variety of industries and sectors from all over the world. Updated in real time, it has come to be viewed as a valuable and reliable source of information by the UK business community. Besides news, the website is also a source of informative articles on the state of the various economies across the world. It also offers intelligent analysis and prediction of market trends.

Project requirement:

To capture news and articles on various industries and sectors of the ten major world economies and input them into the client’s online archives.

The challenges:
  • We had to study ALL the important news and articles published on the internet on the ten major economies of the world over a one month period. Further, the fact that the news reports and articles were on a variety of industries and sectors made the work all the more strenuous.
  • We had to read EVERY news report and article we gathered and summarize them. Naturally, they ran into thousands and made the project a particularly challenging one.
  • The news reports and articles that we read and summarized had to be ranked in order of relevance. This added to the complexity of the task.
  • We had to ensure that the news reports and articles gathered by us represented a balance of various points of view.
The solution:

The solution provided by us was web data capture. We put together a team of fifty web data capture professionals. They were further divided into ten teams of five members each. Each of these teams was then assigned a particular country on whose economy they had to collect news reports and articles. Every member of a team then took charge of particular sectors and industries. We also assembled another team of twenty-five whose job was to read, summarize and rank every news report and article that the ten teams collected. They also made sure that a balance of views and opinions was maintained while the collection was on. The two teams were overseen and coordinated by two dedicated Project Managers. Thus, we turned around the project quickly and completely to the satisfaction of our client.

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