Capturing data from New Zealand Yellow & White Page Directories

The client:

A New Zealand based telecommunications company.

Client background:

The client is one of the front-ranking telecommunications companies of New Zealand and provides business telecommunication and data communication services. They provide business calling services such as audio and web conferencing services, call management services and messaging and fax services. The company provides internet services like business broadband and domain name and web hosting services as well.

Project requirement:

Capturing data from New Zealand Yellow & White Page Directories into a database file.

The challenges:
  • The foremost challenge was the sheer volume of data. In all, there were about 500,000 entries to be made from the New Zealand Yellow & White Page Directories.
  • Accuracy. The client demanded one hundred percent accuracy. Further, since the data to be captured was so great in volume, any mistakes would have been very difficult to trace and correct.
  • Time. The project had to be turned around very quickly. The client needed the data to enhance some of its services. Any delays and they would have lost business to competitors.
  • Standardizing the captured data. The yellow pages’ data often contained abbreviations which we had to expand and standardize. Besides, we had to use look up tables to ensure consistent city/town/postal codes.
The solution:

The client provided us the directories as scanned images. To ensure one hundred percent accuracy, we deputed two data capture professionals to work on each terminal. Whenever there was a discrepancy in the data being entered by them, a program sounded an alarm and an on the spot correction was done. Thus, fifty data capture professionals worked in two shifts and turned around the project three days before the deadline. All along, abbreviations were expanded and the consistency of the city/town/postal codes was maintained. The finished project was then put through a minute quality check to weed out any mistakes that might have slipped through. The captured data were then entered in Excel sheets and handed over to the client as a secure FTP download.

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